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We are Investment Pieces Boutique. We had a bit of identity crisis for sometime as consumers were confused about the name. The word "investment" sounds pricey but making an investment in your wardrobe should save you money. Sounds counter-intuitive? It is the cost per wear that counts, not the cost per item. For example, buy a cheap, trendy dress for $50 and wear it half a dozen times until it goes out of fashion, or frays or pills. That is $4.16 per wear. Buying a classic black sheath dress for $200, that serves for work, cocktails, funerals may last years. So let us assume it only lasts 5 years but that you wear it 12 times a year. So that dress costs you $3.33 a wear. You also have a good piece in your wardrobe that you can build a base around. Add a jacket, long or short. Add a cardigan. Accessorize with a scarf or jewellery. See how this goes? So don't be afraid to spend a bit more for quality. You will save money in the end.

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