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RainCaper-Wearable Art

We at Investment Pieces are always on the look out for unique and innovative

fashion collections, and ideas, and we are thrilled to introduce this great line!

RainCaper rain ponchos for women are wardrobe and travel essentials. They are reversible, packable, rainproof, windproof and lightweight,

The RainCaper Fine Art Collection features original art replicated on a silky-soft reversible hooded rain poncho - rain rolls right off! Brighten a dreary day with an artful splash of watercolor, oil, or stained glass color adapted to fit a chic rain wrap that is perfect for sightseeing, gallery strolls and museum tours.

Rain or shine, a RainCaper travel cape is the most versatile of wardrobe options - toss it on to fetch the newspaper, enjoy coffee on the deck or walk the dog on cool, misty mornings; wear it on your way to the gym to dress up athletic attire; chase away the chill in over air-conditioned restaurants and museums; wear it over your coat in a sudden downpour or as a raincoat during passing showers. Enjoy evening cocktails by the fire pit and watch the sun set in your RainCaper - it’s windproof too.

Going on a cruise or bus tour? Why pack a rain jacket or a flimsy rain poncho when you can enhance your travel wardrobe with a cape that is rainproof, cute, lightweight and chic. A RainCaper is perfect for airplane travel – it’s a breeze to remove as you pass through airport security yet it covers your designer bag, cell phone and travel essentials.

Come to Winnipeg's favorite women's fashion boutique to discover this versatile line of chic hooded rain capes offering year-round comfort and sophisticated style, rain or shine.


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