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Travel In Style

Many of the clientele at Investment Pieces Boutique love to travel. That is why we feature many travel friendly clothing brands. The pieces are light, wrinkle free and versatile. Brands such as Sympli, and Fridaze (wrinkle free linen), Michael Tyler, Clara Sunwoo, and many more. We also carry great travel accessories from Karla Hanson.

Karla Hanson Travel Shawl

Kalrla Hanson Tote Organizer

Pack and Fold Duffle Bag

Stay organized, and protect your credit cards with the versatile tote organizer.

Need an extra bag on the way home for all the treasures you acquired abroad?

...take the pack and fold duffle bag along with you. Chilly on the plane?...wrap

yourself in the soft travel shawl, all by Karla Hanson.

Come get yours today, at Winnipeg's favourite Fashion Boutique.

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