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Architecturally Stunning Jewellery

Investment Pieces Boutique is proud to feature a year round collection of Anne Marie Chagnon fashion jewellery. This Montreal designer produces a stunning array of jewellery pieces flattering to all ages. Her collections are known for their unique architectural qualities. Her inspiration comes from people and places.

When she takes place at her working table, Anne-Marie Chagnon knows exactly where her creation is headed. Before she even starts to work, she knows exactly in which material each piece will come to life. The collection's universe has been shaped in her mind. Her hands instinctively get to work and her talent is exposed. After having imagined and drawn the dominant pieces that will make the jewellery of the collection, the artist gives them shape

through wax models. Through countless hours of wax sculpting, each gesture of the master of art is in symbiosis with her intention. Once this stage iisompleted, pewter, gold, copper, resin and glass are cast into the shapes

imagined and sculpted by Anne-Marie Chagnon to come to life.

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