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About Us


Investment Pieces Boutique provides sound fashion solutions for Winnipeg women

Investment Pieces Boutique prides itself on being one of the top women's clothing boutiques in Winnipeg.  We proudly boast a wide selection of Canadian brands including the largest collection of Sympli in Winnipeg. Our boutique caters to young and young at heart.  We have an extensive range of travel friendly separates.  Our staff pride themselves on a high level of client service.  We aim to make you look and feel your very best.


I started this boutique in 2011 wishing to merge my passion for the business of fashion with a love for art.  The store features not only great clothing but an assortment of art collected on my travels.  And because many of our store's clientele share my passion for travel, we feature many brands that not only are the latest Canadian fashion trends but also are great travel companions.  Versatile styles that are lightweight and wrinkle free.

I wanted to give Winnipeg  women the opportunity to experience fashion in a whole new way. I want all of the women we serve to feel special. Our capable staff are there to guide you on a journey to a new look or maybe a new you.  We understand that a small change in a person's appearance can help their whole demeanour and how people perceive them.  We have even helped people get their first job just be helping them make that best first impression.


My approach to fashion is a balance between what I learned during a career as a fashion designer, and what I learned in over 30 years of serving clients' financial planning needs in my wealth management practice. You can apply some of the same principles I employ with my financial planning clients to fashion as well. I urge retail clients to look at clothing pieces for their investment value.  It's not the total price of an item that matters, but what it costs per wear and what it gives back to you over time. Our goal is to help you discover attention-getting pieces that will continue to give you value over time. The fashion choices we provide are both classic and contemporary.   

I  believe that any business is ignited by the energy and passion of the people behind it. That's what our team brings every day to Investment Pieces. We are interested in building relationships with clients that last over time. We want Investment Pieces to be your store as much as ours.


Investment Pieces will strive to be different from a regular retail store in as many ways as possible. "We'll stay open late for a client or deliver pieces to them, so they can always enjoy the experience of shopping with us". We host interesting events year round to make shopping fun again. 

Investment Pieces is located at 749 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 3N6. Our website gives you a preview of our shopping experience — but we urge you to come in and experience the boutique for yourself. You deserve it!

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