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Investment Pieces provides sound fashion solutions for Winnipeg's busiest women

A passion for the business of fashion is the driving force behind Dianne Szelag's dream come true. Her boutique, Investment Pieces, was years in the making and is much, much more than a clothing store. In addition to its clothing lines, it serves as a venue for an assortment of artwork.

Dianne wanted to give business women the opportunity to experience fashion in a whole new way. "The women I'm hoping to serve are outstanding women who deserve outstanding clothing." Dianne's approach to fashion is a balance between what she learned during her career as a professional fashion designer, and what she has learned through 25 years of serving clients' financial planning needs in her current wealth management practice.

Being creative inspires me. People often don't realize that financial planning is actually quite creative work. Over the years I've built strong relationships with clients while I've helped them find creative solutions for their financial security needs.

Investment Pieces is built on Dianne's commitment to provide service and value to her clients while giving them the ultimate fashion and shopping experience. Her slogan "Contemporary clothing for outstanding women" rings true on many levels.

You really can apply some of the same principles I employ with my financial planning clients to fashion investments as well. I urge retail clients to look at clothing pieces that will give them lasting value. It's not the total price of an item that matters, but what it costs per wear and what it gives back to you over time.

Dianne's clientele includes business women between the ages of 35 and 55, who are very busy. As a professional entrepreneur herself, Dianne knows there's a gap in the marketplace to provide ease and quality of fashion for these individuals.

While Dianne says that many of her clients have exceptional taste and style and want to express their individuality through their purchases, not everyone who comes to Investment Pieces needs to be a fashion maven. In fact, many of Dianne's clients hate shopping. As a result they often make hasty choices that don't give them the best experience or value.

I'm a very visual person. I like things that look beautiful and I really understand how small changes in a person's appearance can help change their whole demeanour and how people perceive them.

Dianne is thrilled when clients find that perfect piece to lift their spirits as well as their outward appearance.

Dianne adds that there will be name brand labels but only those that are well made, as well as unique finds with the emphasis on good value. Investment Pieces provides the total package including the latest jewellery from Canadian designers, scarves and accessories so clients can walk out completely "decked out" and ready for anything!

My goal is really to help clients discover attention-getting pieces that will continue to give them value over time. The fashion choices we provide are both classic and contemporary and forward thinking – but not so forward that you can't wear them a year from now.

Dianne believes that any business is ignited by the energy and passion of the people behind it. That's what she brings every day to Investment Pieces. She's interested in building relationships with clients that last over time, much the same as she has in her financial practice. Investment Pieces will strive to be different from a regular retail store in as many ways as possible. "We'll stay open late for a client or deliver pieces to them, so they can always enjoy the experience of shopping with us". Dianne is planning to host events that are in sync with her clients' busy lives, providing "respite" for their fashion needs.

Investment Pieces is located at 749 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 3N6. Our website gives you a preview of our shopping experience — but we urge you to come in and experience the boutique for yourself. You deserve it!

749 St. Mary's Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2M 3N6

investment.pieces11@gmail.com  |   204.594.0400

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