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InFocus Canada is a Canadian-based company that specializes in making beautiful fashion scarves that display images from renowned photographers.

They believe in the power of an image to inspire action, and so work with outstanding photographers in the world to showcase their amazing and powerful work through the medium of wearable art.

They believe in philanthropy and donate 10% of their scarf sales to different charities and foundations.They commit to the use of sustainable and ethical production and materials, and only work with facilities that are

committed to environmental practices and corporate social responsibility. InFocus believse in beauty and is committed to providing beautiful fashion pieces of the highest quality to uplift and empower those who wear them.

Through their work they strive to inform our collective understanding of the interconnections between ourselves, the environment and animals, and hope to inspire action and awareness in all of us towards being better stewards of our natural and social worlds.

Infocus-Scarf Sunset over Thaidene Nene

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