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Fall Trends

Fall is here. Let’s explore the fashion trends of the season. This Fall will feature classics such as blazers, cardigans and white shirts, but there will also be a lot of fresh looks.

The White Shirt There’s nothing more timeless than a white shirt. If you don’t already own one, make sure to add it to your wardrobe for Fall. There are few additions to your wardrobe more versatile than a button-down shirt. Crisp and clean is the key. Put them on after you've done your makeup, always use a napkin when eating lunch, and take your white shirt off as soon as you get home to avoid any spills and stains. There is a style to suit every body shape too. If you’re top heavy, avoid boxy styles that will make you look broader and go for a fitted cut instead.

Sweater Dresses Sweater dresses come in and out of style, but you can never go wrong with a sweater dress. They are cozy as well as cute. Sweater dresses are a classic that can be dressed up or down. Add a scarf, leather jacket, ankle boots, or even sneakers. You can also belt them to give you more definition at your waist.

Classic Tailoring There will be a little more structure to our lives this Fall. Loungewear is firmly cast aside for the new season. Bring on the tailored look of pencil skirts and suits. Using tailored pieces does not have to look too rigid. Wear your structured blazer with a tee and jeans. Soften the look of your tailored trouser with a tee or a nice cozy sweater.

Tailored Trousers Replace your jeans with a pair of tailored trousers paired with a sweater or a button down shirt for a slightly dresser look.

Jackets Jackets are always in style for Fall, from tailored to oversized to fitted bomber jackets. Jackets add that extra layer for the cooler months.

Vests Vests have been the absolutely inescapable item the past couple of seasons and will again be going strong this Fall. From quilted to tailored the vest will be a mainstay this season.

Leather Leather from head to toe. There is nothing more classic than a good leather jacket. This season try the all leather look by adding a leather maxi or leather pants.

Cargo Pants Oversized pants continue to be in style. Cropped or slim-fitting sweaters go perfectly well with oversized cargo pants, since they add volume to the bottom half of your ensemble.

Sweaters What is Fall fashion without sweaters? Boxy sweaters are still prevalent in the lineup, as well as oversize sweaters that can be worn with your comfortable leggings.

Denim You will be glad to know that anything goes with denim. Wide leg jeans are very present this season but you still can wear any of your other jeans. Wide leg is not for everyone. Just remember if you are going with the wider leg, what you wear on top is important. Your top should be a more fitted or tailored to balance out all the material at the bottom half.

Warm and Fuzzy Perfect for cooler weather is the fuzzy plush look. You will find fuzzy faux fur jackets and coats as well as some dresses.

Dressy Apparel Peplums You will find peplums in tops and dresses. The hourglass look is in this season, making an exaggerated silhouette by adding volume to the hips. Peplums add a little feminine touch to your outfit as well as accentuating your waist. Florals Florals are usually not that popular in the fall. This season, florals will be present in bright colours, but will be subdued by deep tones in the background.

Scarves Silk scarves are trending this year, and why not? After all, it is a versatile accessory that can be used as a belt, a head wrap, a hair tie, or in any other way your imagination allows. Fall fashion trends are all about practicality this season, with designers arming our wardrobes with oversize scarves to keep us warm, while still looking chic. Tartan Tartans have a warm cozy feel to them. Always found in trousers, this season will have tartans in skirts and jackets as well. Keep in mind that not all trends may suit your style. Pick a few of your favourites and add them to your Fall wardrobe to update your look.

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