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Perfect Solutions For Sleeveless Woes!

There are always times when women don't want to show their bare arms.

We all have those perfect little sleeveless dresses or tops, and often a jacket

just won't do. We have some great cover ups and solutions for you!

Sharanel capelets are multipurpose and versatile!...the perfect cover up for your sleeveless summer outfits. Lots of beautiful colours for you to choose from. Made from a lovely sheer knit, they are cool and airy, yet still offer coverage for you arms. There are so many different ways to wear them.

Sleevey Wonders reversible slip on sleeves are made to wear under all your sleeveless or strapless garments.The soft stretch fabric ensures a good fit. Beautify your arms, and expand your wardrobe. You can create different outfits every day, and make your sleeveless clothes versatile for all four seasons that we enjoy in Winnipeg. Sleeveys are light weight and perfect for travel.

Come Winnipeg's favorite women's fashion boutique to find your perfect arm covering solution!



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