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Martha Duran Bracelet Collection

The brand was founded by its namesake, Martha Duran, who, after a lifetime in the design and fashion industry, decided to create a company that is centered on her philosophy of treating all people kindly, respectfully and fairly. This stunning bracelet collection reflects her passion for handcrafted, ready to wear pieces created from the finest raw materials in a beautiful color palette.

A Martha Duran creation is impeccable in both design and color, made with Colombian craftsmanship.

A portion of their sales goes to support education initiatives in disadvantaged communities

for a better life!

Their metal work is hand cut by craftsmen, and the rest hand woven by mothers (single and full household) deeply involved in their work. They are given the tools, training, support and fair compensation thus ensuring a dignified means to earn a living for them and their families.

Come see us at Winnipeg's favorite women's fashion boutique to pick yours out.


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