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Lisette Pants- New Fall 2018 Styles


Lisette L pants are known to flatter women of every body type, shape and size. They are designed with a tummy control mesh on the inside and come in a variety of fabulous fall colours and patterns.

Their goal is to design clothes that touch every aspect of a woman’s rich nature and complex world, so that she looks as good outside as she feels inside, effortlessly and comfortably.

For Bohemian spirits to corporate executives, Yoga gurus to family Captains and engineers,

they have a style to suit every woman's needs.

They dedicate themselves to making quality timeless women's fashions you can wear anywhere, anytime, any place no matter your age, your size or your style.

Lisette L Montréal is proudly committed to producing quality products 100% crafted in Canada which it will share with women all around the world.

Lisette Twilight print pant

Lisette Samira print pant

Come to Winnipeg's top fashion boutique to see Lisette, and other fine Canadian designer labels such as Renuar, Sympli, Joseph Ribkoff, Tribal, and more!


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