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Proud to Support Women Helping Women

Investment Pieces, a Winnipeg fashion boutique,

is a proud supporter of Sympli clothing, designed and manufactured by The White House Design Company.

Not only does Sympli clothing provide solutions for many of our clothing needs, the company behind that brand believes in designing clothes for “Every-Body”. They encourage women to embrace their inner beauty and strength. They believe that women should wear clothes to compliment their individual personality, mood and purpose. Finding clothes that fit can be frustrating and leave many feeling inadequate about their bodies. Media stereotypes reinforce the belief that thin and fit equates to beauty, which equates to happiness. This belief contributes to a far more serious problem. Many women in our communities cannot make a healthy distinction between the body on a runway and the image they see in the mirror. These women suffer from body issues and eating disorders. Eating disorders are a complex issue, but with increased awareness we can shift the focus from the superficial and emphasize inner beauty. White House Design proudly supports the Looking Glass Foundation, a Vancouver non-profit organization run by a group of passionate mothers who are making a difference. We hope with increased awareness and financial support, this foundation will grow and thrive to bring healthy happy futures to troubled youth who suffer from an eating disorder.

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